July 11, 2022
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Without this system, your team will slowly lose energy

Healthy teams thrive on personal connection and pay attention to each member's next step. Attached system


The heart behind the 3-Month Connect is to understand that every person serving in ministry can go through ups and downs in life.  We want to make sure that “the serve” is the right fit for them in whatever season that they are walking through.  If they are hitting a low spot, “the serve” might be perfect for them to stay connected, however it might also be a time to connect with a small group that specifically meets their need at that time.  The 3-Month Connect is our way of keeping before our volunteer leaders (we call them Grow Teams) the idea of staying connected throughout the year with their team and not allowing “the serve” to be the only thing that they connect in.  Sometimes on volunteer teams, it turns into a job instead of a life-giving team that cares more about the person than the task.  This concept helps keep the team fresh and healthy as they grow together and support each other in their personal lives.

Remember, the health of the team is more important than the tasks.  If the team is healthy, the tasks will get done with joy, because it keeps the purpose of “the serve” in full view.

Attached is our 3-Month Connect for your review and implementation.

James Boyd

Business Owner, Consultant, Author, and Pastor

In 2011 James Boyd and his wife, Tracy, moved their family from Michigan to Naples, Florida, to take the helm of a dwindling congregation struggling under the weight of financial deficit. Armed with faith, prayer, generosity—and a good dose of proven business experience—James restructured the internal workings of the organization in accordance with sound finance and business principles.

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