October 10, 2022
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Keep this in front of your staff at all times

With so much going on in your ministry, these things need to stay in front of your staff. Attachment.


There is so much that can take the focus away from your staff and leadership team, it is difficult to keep the most important things...the most important things. We decided to put the most important things on a One-Pager on each staff members' desk or wall. We designed it, laminated it, and talked about it in staff meetings. The things on this sheet are, what we decided to be, the most important things in our ministry. Of course, we didn't come up with this on our own. We used resources like the books Traction, 4 Disciplines of Execution, and Don Miller's Business Made Simple University to shape this.

We decided nothing is more important than these 6 things in our ministry:

  1. Vision
  2. Mission
  3. Culture
  4. Process (Big 4)
  5. Grow Group Hubs
  6. T3 - our target that can only be accomplished by building teams to support

It takes an incredible amount of focus to accomplish the dream that your ministry has to impact your city and keep everyone pointed in the same direction along the way. See if you can put the most important things of your ministry on a One-Pager, and then have every staff member keep it close by in their office. I have attached our One-Pager for you to take a look at, I hope that it inspires creativity in your team to help you create one of your own for your ministry.

You will not be disappointed when you see the results that this can bring.

James Boyd

Business Owner, Consultant, Author, and Pastor

In 2011 James Boyd and his wife, Tracy, moved their family from Michigan to Naples, Florida, to take the helm of a dwindling congregation struggling under the weight of financial deficit. Armed with faith, prayer, generosity—and a good dose of proven business experience—James restructured the internal workings of the organization in accordance with sound finance and business principles.

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