September 19, 2022
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Growing your congregation through intentional annual series'

Annual series' preparation and intentionality will help your congregation continue to grow.


Here is a look at how we, intentionally, plan our annual series' calendar to help our congregation continue to grow in their faith:


  • The first Sunday in January may be a vision cast or the start of the new series.
  • A series on prayer - this past year we called it "Turning Point"
  • Our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting also lands in the month of January (and again in August)


  • A series on relationships - this past year we called it "Make or Break"
  • In this series, we can cover topics like family, soul care, boundaries, intimacy, communication, dating, etc.


  • A series on a book of the Bible - this past year we did Proverbs
  • This series was easy to direct in multiple directions, because the book of Proverbs has so many different topics to expose depending on where you want to take your congregation.

April (Easter)

  • Many times we will lead into Easter with a short series that ends on Easter Sunday or we may have a stand alone on Easter.
  • We foreshadow the next series on Easter Sunday, because everyone goes to church on Easter Sunday. We try to land a series after Easter that is based around felt needs. This is usually a good capture from the Easter audience that may consider coming back, if your next series sounds like it will meet their needs.

May & June

  • Spiritual Enrichment Series (felt need based - things that people are walking through in their personal lives) - this year we called it "Becoming" in, becoming more like Jesus.
  • We had a stand alone on Father's Day to speak to the heart of a leader

July & August

  • We did a series called "Summer at Grow" where we allowed for the leading of the Holy Spirit weekly for our preparation. The series gave room for whatever God was showing us to share with the congregation.
  • We had some guest speakers involved as well.
  • In August, we always have our 21 Days of Prayer, which we ended with a 2-day strategic prayer seminar with Lance Wallna and a Friday night "More Night" to end the 21 Days of Prayer in worship and a flow of the Holy Spirit.

September & October

  • We will do a series called "Culture Wars." In this series, we tackle the issues of the day in a sequence of the 7 mountains of culture (economy, government, family, religion, media, entertainment, and education)
  • This is a very straight forward series on how we can combat the influence of culture in our Christcentered lives.


  • We do a series called "At the Movies" which is a highly evangelistic series to reach the lost in our community. We take biblical principles out of selected movies and teach messages that interact with the movies.
  • We serve popcorn, sodas and candy, just like the movies. It is our greatest outreach series of the year, because people invite their friends to something that doesn't feel like church.


  • We close out the year with our Legacy Series, which includes a big, over and above offering. We talk about it in advance, so that it is no surprise to anyone that is in attendance. We designate the funds to our 5 Legacy Lanes (Local Missions, National Missions, International Missions, Grow Church, and Grow School of Ministry). This usually doubles our annual giving from the church outside the church walls.
  • We close the year with a stand alone message on Christmas, usually. Sometimes we will do a short Christmas series for 2-3 weeks to close the year.

James Boyd

Business Owner, Consultant, Author, and Pastor

In 2011 James Boyd and his wife, Tracy, moved their family from Michigan to Naples, Florida, to take the helm of a dwindling congregation struggling under the weight of financial deficit. Armed with faith, prayer, generosity—and a good dose of proven business experience—James restructured the internal workings of the organization in accordance with sound finance and business principles.

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