July 4, 2022
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Every team needs these 4 things to be successful...

Successful teams distribute the load and coach the serve. Attached are 4 necessities of healthy teams


Healthy teams are NOT built overnight and they are NOT built by accident. They are NOT built on the shoulders of one person. Healthy teams thrive on the characteristics and gifts of a number of leaders that have a common goals. There are 4 areas that we have identified as necessities for building successful teams. Teams do NOT stay healthy without a planned communication structure and a personal touch to assure that everyone is at their best. This takes multiple gifts from multiple people to accomplish. We have broken this team building concept into 4 distinctive areas that we have found not only builds healthy teams but maintains the health of teams for the long haul. We call them the "4 Arms of Ministry Teams." You will find the 4 Arms in the attachment with specific descriptions of how each team serves the greater goal. The greater goal would be defined as the "why" in ministry, without the "why", teams fizzle out eventually. To define the "why" in the most basic terms, the "why" is the overall purpose to the team and it's assembly. For example, the "why" in most churches would be salvations, so each team needs to somehow connect to that end goal or "why" to make sure that it is focused on the purpose rather than just the task.

Review the attachment to start developing your teams for success in the 4 Arms of Ministry.

James Boyd

Business Owner, Consultant, Author, and Pastor

In 2011 James Boyd and his wife, Tracy, moved their family from Michigan to Naples, Florida, to take the helm of a dwindling congregation struggling under the weight of financial deficit. Armed with faith, prayer, generosity—and a good dose of proven business experience—James restructured the internal workings of the organization in accordance with sound finance and business principles.

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