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This book, our consulting services, and our resourceful blog posts will help you take a church from instability to vibrant health, including:

• How to build a healthy outlook on finances
• How to establish sound biblical stewardship
• How to establish a foundation of accountability
• How to set and measure goals
• How to triage an unhealthy church
• How to plant a healthy church

How to Grow a Healthy Church (the stuff they don't teach at seminary) By: James Boyd Book CoverHow to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church Growth

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How to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church GrowthHow to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church Growth

About the Author

In 2011 James Boyd and his wife, Tracy, moved their family from Michigan to Naples, Florida, to take the helm of a dwindling congregation struggling under the weight of financial deficit. Armed with faith, prayer, generosity—and a good dose of proven business experience—James restructured the internal workings of the organization in accordance with sound finance and business principles.

How to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church Growth
James Boyd
Business Owner, Consultant, Author, and Pastor

Book Chapters

How to Grow a Healthy Church
[stuff they don’t teach in seminary]
Chapter Review


Chapter 1: Grow Church Today:
A Picture of Health

• With God, Nothing Is Impossible
• Called to Bi-Vocational Ministry
• First Things First
• Schooled in the World, Schooled in the Word


Chapter 2: A Supernatural Foundation: Prayer, Generosity, and Margin

• Prayer
• Generosity
• Margin


Chapter 3: Leadership 101

• The “You First” Principle of Relational Leadership
• Leader: Lead by Example!


Chapter 4: A Healthy Church Builds Healthy Teams

• Grow Church Culture
• Grow Church Language Culture
• Grow Church Cultural Phrases


Chapter 5: Accountability: Essential for a Healthy Church

• By-Laws for a Healthy Church
• Executive Leadership
• Overseers
• Trustees
• Pastors and Directors
• Directors
• Accountable to the Vision: The Big 4


Chapter 6: Building a Healthy Outlook on Finances

• The Financial Blame Game
• The Priorities of Money
• The Blessing of Obedience


Chapter 7: Biblical Stewardship: Here’s How It Looks

• Establish a Personal Budget
• Establish a Healthy Financial Goal
• Debt: Friend or Foe?
• Stewardship Is Hard Work


Chapter 8: How to Set and Measure Goals

• Focus on the Wildly Important Goal (WIG)
• Act on Lead Measures
• Keep a Compelling Scorecard
• Create a Cadence of Accountability
• The 10-3-1 Process
• Working the WIG
• Setting Departmental Measures


Chapter 9: How to Establish the Budget Framework and Train
the Staff

• Giving
• Savings
• Employees and Services
• Ministry Operations and Building
• Preparing Our Annual Budget
• Establishing Line-Item Managers
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Requisitions
• Director Data Access for Future Success
• Staff Budget Controls
• Meetings and Communications


Chapter 10: True Story: Red to Black in One Year—Finding Margin for Growth

• Step One: Collect Data
• Step Two: Color-Coded Breakdown
• Step Three: A Critical Review
• Step Four: Church Focus
• Step Five: Spotlight Top Priorities
• Step Six: Evaluate, Encourage, Challenge


Chapter 11: How to Triage
Your Church

• Step One: Assemble Your Numbers in Color
• Step Two: Do the Math
• Step Three: Review Salaries and
  Make Necessary Changes
• Step Four: Break Down the Budget
   to Ministry Areas
• Step Five: Assemble the Church Calendar
• Step Six: How to Answer Questions
   That Don’t Have Definitive Answers
• Step Seven: Establish a Process Flow
   for First-Time Visitors


Chapter 12: How to Plant a Healthy Church

• Determining Your Church’s First-Year Budget
• Fundraising
• Participation and Partnership
• Continue to Cast Vision
• Legacy Team
• Interest Group Meetings
• First-Year Budget Breakdown
   (not including startup budget)
• Savings
• Employees and Services
• Operations and Building
• Startup Budget Breakdown
• Building Teams of Volunteers

How to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church GrowthHow to Grow a Healthy Church James Boyd Church Resources Church Growth

Book Reviews

See what others are saying about
"How to Grow a Healthy Church"

I can say with confidence, in knowing James Boyd and watching what has transpired at Grow Church, what you have in this book is an indispensable tool to that very end.

Ron McIntosh

Ron McIntosh

President, Ron McIntosh Ministries Author of seven books, including The Missing Ingredient.

This book will help you develop the most important concepts that can take your church to another level in the “behind-the-scenes” aspect of church. It presents church systems, strategy, and processes in a simple, bite-size fashion for immediate implementation.

Ramiro Peña

Ramiro Peña

Pastor, Christ the King Church, Waco, Texas CEO, Ramiro Peña Ministries

In this book, James breaks up the clumps of confusion and gives clear blueprints any church can follow. It is a “must” for all pastors in training, and for those who think they are trained.

Pastor Andrew McMillan

Pastor Andrew McMillan

Founding Pastor, Communidad Cristiana de Fe (Christian Community of Faith), Medellin, Columbia

Accepting the gift of administration requires a submission to best practices—this statement is, in essence, the content of Pastor James’s book.

Bert Lindsay

Bert Lindsay

Owner, Lindsay Honda, Lindsay Acura, Lindsay Buick GMC, Columbus, Ohio

I have twice witnessed the quantifiable success of this book. First, with the amazing turn- around of the mega church in Medellin, and then with my own home church in Raleigh, North Carolina, after having connected their leadership team with the executive team at Grow Church. So, enjoy the read and expect to grow!

Troy A. Buder, M.B.A.

Troy A. Buder, M.B.A.

Senior Wealth Management Advisor, Mercer Global Advisors Founder and President, TABu Filmz, LLC Disney Executive Producer, Queen of Katwe

We believe you will see phenomenal fruit come as you learn and apply James’s principles, partnering with God, who brings the increase for His glory.

Duncan & Kate Smith

Duncan & Kate Smith

Senior Leaders, Catch the Fire Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

I recommend this book and the online website resource to every pastor and church in America who desires to make an impact with the Great Commission in their city.

Paul Lodato

Paul Lodato

Christian Television Network & Founder of Florida Pastors Network

This book belongs in the hands of every church leadership team that will not quit on reaching our culture, and in the hands of every Bible school and seminary student who wants to be fully prepared for what he or she will face for the future of the church.

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Dr. Joseph Umidi

EVP, Regent University CEO, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching Founder, Imagination Partners Former President, Mission South America

Pastor James Boyd has been blessed in the pulpit as well as in private business. With his unique background, he shares experience from the business sector in a very pragmatic manner that will benefit any pastor whose church is struggling.

Gregory F. Paine, MD.

Gregory F. Paine, MD.

Board Member, Grow Church, Naples, Florida

It has been my pleasure to get to know James Boyd as a pastor and friend. I testify that he is an extremely talented man who has been called to the Christian community at the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Bob Clay

Bob Clay

Chairman, Coastal Equipment Virginia Beach, Virginia

With the strategies and processes laid out within these pages, along with the assured guidance of the Holy Spirit, you too can build or transform your church into a significant force to advance the kingdom of God here on earth.

Warren Kooi

Warren Kooi

Treasurer, Grow Church, Naples, Florida Minister and Trainer, Restoring the Foundations, Intl., Naples, Florida

I highly recommend this book. It will inspire and challenge the reader, as well as be a great tool for pastors and church planters. The consistent, healthy growth of Grow Church certainly displays the credibility of this book.

Marcela MacMillan

Marcela MacMillan

Cofounder and President, Federation of Community of Faith Churches Mission South America

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